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Our mission is to provide young learners with a solution that will help them discover their true passion and assist them in their journey

Our Journey

Before we became OpenMirai, we were just a group of high school students with the same ideology. That quality education is the key to every success. Through trial and error, we built up OpenMirai from the ground up and developed it into the state you see today. But what made us choose education in the first place? Where our journey started


This is where we start

We had come a long way from where we started. Please take a look at the progress that we have made on OpenMirai since its conceptualization.

  1. June 2021

    We were born for this!

    Conceptualization of OpenMirai, features, and domain registration.

  2. March 2022

    We try so hard and got so far

    Development of the back-end and front-end of the OpenMirai website.

  3. April 2022

    Off to a great start!

    The first iteration of the OpenMirai website has been put up on the internet.

  4. March 2022

    Shine bright like a diamond!

    The first official testing of OpenMirai and its core features has been initiated for the public.