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Our mission is to provide young learners with a solution that will help them discover their true passion and assist them in their journey

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Discover the real you, Stay true to your future

Interactive Course

To prevent our courses from being too repetitive, we’ve included a variety of activities that will make the most out of your knowledge.


Learning Path

We’ve prepared a selection of courses that will be necessary for your learning experience.


Story Based Learning

By implementing concepts from Neuroscience. We’ve created a learning experience that will make your learning more interesting and fun!


Career Based Learning

Learners can feel free to choose whatever they desire to study without resriction, so that they can accomplish their dreams.



If you have found something that interests you, bookmark it and save it for later!


Note & Tips

Got stuck on an assignment? We’ve got you covered with notes and tips to help you through tougher patches.

Be prepared for anything
The World has to offer

Discover the real you, stay true to your future. Allow us to be your guide.

We're almost there

We will be launching OpenMirai soon

If you have any questions,

please contact us via email : [email protected]


Easy to Understand

Our courses deliver information into sizeable topics, making it a breeze when revising!


Practical Use

Every topic we teach you will have a practical use in your career! Be sure to use it well


Active Engagement

Our courses contain projects that require active engagement. Because we want to make you understand, not remember.


Real Internship

Get the opportunity to intern at real companies to prove that YOU are the one that they’re looking for!

Why OpenMirai?

Our service ensures you that with every course, you are guaranteed to get the most out of your educational journey. Alongside with tools that will help you study even more efficiently than before!


Quality Instructors

Our instructors are well prepared to offer you the best possible learning experience! No matter which subject, our instructors will always be of the highest quality!


Exciting courses

All of our courses are jam-packed with all the knowledge that you will find useful for your journey towards your dream careers!


Quality of life tools

We have many tools and gadgets that will assist you in overcoming your hardest hurdles while studying.






Our mission is to provide young learners with the best educational experience and be able to assist them in their journey to accomplish their dreams in the future.

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